A poetic take on anything and everything digital. Be it a good laugh or a thought for you to ponder on, it is guaranteed to leave you longing for more. 

Episode 1

Browsing through the net 

Desires and necessities met 

Product or service you want to buy 

All available on a click, not too shy 

Everything you want, you get, I bet


                                        – Shivi

Episode 2

Looking for a dog’s grooming 

Not enough results on Google surfing

Aided by consulting advertisements 

Making the choice, budget compliments 

SEO and background analysis, the apt deeming


                                        – Shivi

Episode 3

Dreaming of clairvoyance in this time

Atoning to the world’s rhyme

Data is the new bacon

More info, as more photos taken

Robots now think and talk, forget the mechanic mime


                                        – Shivi

Episode 4

Data becomes the new currency 

Still quantifying crypto currency?

Entropy and data, go hand in hand

Increases with time be it air, sea or land

Saving and mining data, protracted ecstasy.


                                        – Shivi

Episode 5

Writing this Limerick

May be truce or trick

Lost in thought and translation 

Waiting for lifestyle transformation 

Are you not, in the wall, just another brick? 


                                        – Shivi

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