The Alphabet song for the digital age

The first letter A for the intelligence which is artificial, anxious of it going radical
It’s a boon most certainly; make sure you use it wisely.
Have a contingency plan and be cautious, everything in excess is perilous
C stands for the crypto-currency; it’s just money, with a name so fancy.
Claims to be the most secure and assuring, against the illegal money laundering.
Meh! Says the cynical in me, after all its created by a human being
D of course is the data around us, debatable of it being a boon or a curse.
Data is going nowhere that’s for sure; it’s up to us to use it for evil or intentions so pure!
E is the e-commerce aspect of the business, moving to digital apparently makes the cost less?
It doesn’t matter if its offline or online, just understand the customer who’s buying!
G for geography relevant to many, be it marketing, sales or even finding a penny!
It’s useful in distress and things mundane; go overboard and it drives you insane!
H for hybrid, a mix of traditional and new, a law of nature whose credit is long due
From tech to business or even basic human existence, hybrid stands for everyone’s inclusion!
Perhaps the most balanced of all, coexist is the nature’s ultimate call!
S screams SOCIAL; but ironically, can’t hear it? It’s in capitals, don’t you see?
Over share crib about security, if it’s for the world to see, then how is it privacy!
There is a need for better regulations no doubt, but it’s a team work for crying out loud!
You’ve noticed I’ve skipped a few letters, intentional it is for validation matters!
Like share and comment in the section below, use the remaining letters and go with the flow

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