Wearables: The new fabric of Life

Gadgets today are available as a local vada pav. The other day I was amazingly surprised to see a beggar near my car asking for money and talking on a Bluetooth device with his so-called networked beggar. This really makes my belief strong that technology has penetrated to the last mile of today’s society. The free ‘Google Wi-Fi’ has indeed blessed them ‘all’. This is the era of wearable revolution, the next big thing in the world of connected devices. This ‘computing power’ and ubiquity has given the human race the ability to make on the spot instant suggestions, decisions, and money. The sensors and the actuators are so close to the human skin that they could literally monitor ‘important signs’, the greatest event happening at some remote corner of the world.

So what are ‘Wearables’?

Wearables are small powerful computers that fit on your wrist band, gets stuck to your glasses, pierced in your ear, jocked in your shoes. They are micro-computers with lighter devices with smaller compact screens and highly efficient battery life. With wearables coming in, complex menus are becoming simpler, the user-friendly and take a single-screen button. Wearables stand on the pillar of open standards. Data is getting more liberal and opening human empathies. Over the years people would stop using desktops and heavy, large screen laptops, holograms are already on the way.

These wearable devices are largely working on the complex API’s that integrate and communicate seamlessly. The nano-power utilized is highly powerful and augmented.

The wearable power is dismantling the desktops and laptops, with the software being available anywhere and everywhere thanks to cloud storage and computing.

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